Let’s talk!

This might very well become the main reason why you will keep visiting OHP in the future.

We all know that however brilliant, unique, and interesting a newsletter might be, it will almost invariably end up in the dustbin of our memory, along with the few other hundred newsletters we once subscribed to.

I don’t want that.

I want you to be personally concerned by One Home Planet’s newsletter. So, I decided to make it work the other way round: You do the talking.

Bear with me. Here is what it is all about and why you may want to join:


OHP newsletter is a book club more than anything else. You are invited to analyze the thoughts of an author about basic political, social, and economic issues. Not any author. The chosen books represent a turning point in the way we can structure our understanding of a particular field or topic. Good examples of that are, for instance, Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth or Democracy Incorporated by Sheldon Sanford Wolin.

The purpose is to get introduced to the usefulness, originality, and argumentative quality of the ideas presented, not to fight each other with our own opinions. The aim is to further build our own judgment and have meaningful, enriching discussions.


Each week, the full summary of a new chapter is submitted to you with one or two questions related to its content. It is not necessary, therefore, to read the book itself (but it is one of my personal goal that most people do it anyway).

You are being notified by email when new contributions to a particular week conversation are being made. You can also choose to be notified about replies to your own contributions only.


The main benefit is to be able to take a step back in a knowledgeable way on topics you care about, thus gaining insights into how to shape our economies and societies for the 21st century.

You want to be part of the solution? Be part of the conversation!

Click here.