Let’s talk!

At first, like all other conscientious website owners, I thought of having a newsletter to grow my audience. But even the most interesting newsletters may end up in the dustbin of our memory after a while, lost among others that we find as good and do not find the time to read either. I did not want that. So, I figured that you would do the talking and decided to set up a Bookclub.

Here is what it is all about and why you may want to join:

Topics and purpose

The criterium for selecting books is that they represent a turning point in the way we can structure our understanding of basic political, social, and economic issues. Good examples of that are, for instance, Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth or Democracy Incorporated by Sheldon Sanford Wolin.

The purpose is to get introduced to the usefulness, originality, and argumentative quality of the ideas presented, thus building our own judgment and having meaningful, enriching discussions.


A summary of each chapter is published on the website with one or two questions related to its content. You may access these summaries in any order you want or subscribe here to receive every second week a brief intro about the next discussion to come.

Aside from this subscription, you can also register as a member in the comment section of any post. This allows you to be notified by email of others’ comments in the same thread or of replies to your own contributions exclusively. You can even follow the comments of one other registered member in particular if you wish to.

You want to be part of the solution? Be part of the conversation!