Revisiting the War on Terror

The war in Ukraine is part of Putin’s all-out war on democracy. By contrast, the “War on Terror” backed for 20 years by the U.S. establishment exemplified the undermining of democracy from within.

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The Dynamics of the Archaic

jerry falwell and ronald reagan - The dynnamics of the archaic

Since the Ronald Reagan years, there is objective collusion in U.S. politics between religious archaism and market fundamentalism. How did this dynamic come to be and what makes it so powerful?

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Democracy Incorporated, by Sheldon Wolin

Sheldon Wolin - Democracy Incorporated

An unprecedented combination of corporate and state power has progressively shaped itself up in the U.S. after WWII, characterized by Sheldon S. Wolin as “Inverted Totalitarianism.” What is behind this concept?

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Be Agnostic about Growth

Despite the obvious absurdity of material growth to infinity in a finite world, growth remains the exclusive goal of economic policies most officials in power cling to. What can explain their sobering lack of vision?

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Doughnut Economics, by Kate Raworth


Can humanity thrive without destroying the planet? To Kate Raworth, an English economist working at Oxford and Cambridge universities, the visual template of sustainable economics is… a doughnut.

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The Answer to Climate Change is Democracy

Statue of Liberty

Climate change signs the failure of the “free market” ideology. In the transition from old neoliberal individualism to an economy embedded in natureour basic common good, a renewed intelligence of democracy is key.

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Why Regenerative Economics is the Future


Mechanistic and detached from life’s creative web of interactions, the conventional model of economic development is failing our societies on all counts. What would an organic view of the economy look like?

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