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My name is Philippe Roussel, and it’s my privilege to have you here, reading this page.

At a time of democratic decline and overwhelming environmental challenges, true builders in society are needed more than ever. In its own modest way, One Home Planet is meant to help.

But first, a word about me. My professional background has always been in the field of didactics, either as a philosophy teacher or as a copywriter. I like to look at things in depth and I am passionate about conveying what I learn.

As a bi-national, I know with all my being that we are not citizens by speaking the language of the country we live in but by recognizing ourselves as part of its political project. There are no “others” among free men; freedom and justice are a matter of principle, not of cultural identity. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, we are “caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.”

This is where I stand and write from.

How does it help?

Far from being the one who knows it all, I simply facilitate the dialog about democracy, sustainable economics, and mankind’s relationship to nature.

There are three distinct levels to this endeavor:

  • Each piece of writing on this website goes from question to question, making you part of the same debating process. Walking in the steps of the old Socrates, I confess with him that all I genuinely know is my own ignorance. This, however, is the principle itself of rationality: it is not my opinions that matter but the logical path followed, not the eventual conclusion but the process to reach it.
  • Along with this inner debate, a public discussion also takes place thanks to guest experts regularly invited to answer your questions in the website’s book club comment sections. I guess that to most people this will be the main reason why they come back.
  • Lastly, One Home Planet’s overall project is that of a training platform. In time, questions and answers from the book club will be properly re-ordered to form an entire syllabus. The goal is to provide you with a convenient path to key notions, whatever your formal level of education might be.

Sure enough, critical thinking is not civic engagement in the ordinary sense of organizing or demonstrating. But being able to say what it is that we say and why we say it is crucial to you and me as concerned citizens. I hope that, in this regard, One Home Planet will become an activist website of choice for you.

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