My name is Philippe Roussel, and it’s my privilege to have you here, reading this page.

At a time of democratic decline and overwhelming environmental challenges, true builders in society are needed more than ever—and that definitely starts with building our own judgment. One Home Planet is meant to help.

A French native, I am also an American citizen and have long known that—contrary to popular belief—it is not the land we were born in, its language, or its traditions that define us as citizens, but only that we recognize ourselves as part of its political project. It is certainly good to love one’s country and be keenly aware of what we have inherited from it. But freedom and justice are a matter of principle, not of cultural differences. This is why being a concerned citizen is necessarily being a citizen of the world too.

In “Critical Mind for a World Together,” One Home Planet’s tagline, “Critical Mind” relates to the fact that each piece of writing on this website goes from question to question, making you part of the same debating process. Walking in the steps of the old Socrates, I only know that I know nothing except my own ignorance. This, however, is the principle itself of rationality, providing genuine thinking its real strength and its most efficient tool. It is not my opinions that matter but the logical path followed, not the eventual conclusion but the process to reach it. This will hopefully be your practical gain on the website.

Citizens’ responsibility to use their critical minds is what brings us together. As opposed to indulging in conspiracy theory fairy tales, thinking critically opens to the deeply satisfying realization of our human interbeing—a “World Together” which is the only one that can exist. This is the common moral gain to strive for.