At the end of the day, the path to a better world is within us.

The Dalai-Lama is used to repeating to his audiences that all beings want happiness and avoid suffering. Far from a banality, this is a very deep teaching telling us that happiness is the inner core of our being—our Buddha nature—but that it often remains hidden to us. In other words, we all want to be happy but we suck at it. All the wars, pettiness, and destructions humanity is accustomed to derive from the fact that we seldom come back home to ourselves, thus remaining ignorant of our inner freedom. We do not know what it tastes and feels like to discover that our mind is an ocean—keeping clinging, as a consequence, to the delusions of our hurt ego.

In the fight for a better world, it is obviously indispensable to know the why, the what, and the how and act upon it. I am personally convinced, however, that this is totally insufficient. One Home Planet is primarily about delivering intellectual tools, but I felt that this would be incomplete without testifying of my own practice in becoming a better human being. After all, there is only us. It is all human stuff. Getting in touch with our own humanity is key, therefore, in achieving lasting results for the world around us.

The Zen newsletter gives you access to great Buddhist masters’ teachings in the form of audio summaries. Do not worry if you are not a Buddhist and do not intend to become one; the historical Siddhartha Gautama himself could not care less about his “philosophy” or his “religion.” It is all about watering the seeds of freedom and happiness that are in each of us. This is a matter of practical experience, notably transmitted from master to disciple since the time of the Buddha. You might want to get introduced to that same practice.

All you will need when listening to these audios while driving your car, washing the dishes, or simply staying still in a quiet place, is to let the words echo in a calm and relaxed mind.