There is no lack of intelligent and honest contributions for building a politically just and economically sustainable future. Here are a few inspiring examples.

You may not agree with everything said in these videos. By the quality of their content and the importance of the topics presented, however, they are definitely food for thought and rightly deserve anyone’s attention.

The list has no particular order and is regularly updated; make sure to visit this page again sometime in the future.

The Occupation of the American Mind | Media Education Foundation (2016)


King in the Wilderness | Kunhardt Films (2018)


The Tipping Point that will DESTROY the World | George Monbiot

Guantanamo Turns 20: Ex-Prisoner Moazzam Begg Calls on Biden to Close Site & End Legacy of Torture | Democracy Now!

Liberal Hypocrisy is Fueling American Inequality. Here’s How. | NYT Opinion

Manufacturing Consent Explained: Preface | Spencer Snyder

Rethinking Climate Change. The path to a 90% emissions reduction by 2035. | Just Have a Think

14 Years in Prison for Embarrassing the Government | Matt Kennard

Gideon Levy & Noura Erakat on Israel’s Gaza Assault, U.S. Complicity and Ending the Occupation | Democracy Now! – May 20, 2021

“It Is Apartheid”: Rights Group B’Tselem on How Israel Advances Jewish Supremacy Over Palestinians | Democracy Now! – May 20, 2021

America’s Secret Government

‘We’re looking at Billions of People not being able to Survive’ | Peter Carter, Expert IPCC Reviewer

Regenerative farming: A ‘natural way’ to help counteract drought | Charlie Massy

Capitalism is the Planet’s Cancer: Operate Before it’s too Late | George Monbiot

What is economic value, and who creates it? | Mariana Mazzucato

The dirty secret of capitalism — and a new way forward | Nick Hanauer

Regenerative Agriculture – Part 1 | Just Have A Think

Regenerative Agriculture – Part 2 | Just Have A Think