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It’s nice of you to have come to this page!

Your contribution will be appreciated and can be as low as $5 per month, while $15 or more puts you in my first circle of contacts with direct access to my personal inbox (I will send you the first email).

Of course, you can end your support at any time if you wish to. Simply use the Contact Form on the website.


Not entirely decided? I understand. All of us have to make hard choices among the crowd of people we would be happy to support.

I can tell you how I make such a decision easier for me.

There are two types of groups and individuals you can help. The first one is comprised of renown public voices with a lot of subscribers. They need you because in their fight strength is in numbers. Think Amnesty International, Green Peace, etc.

The second one is about “key players” relatively to what you, personally, can benefit from. Their achievements contribute to your own. Think of a health association supporting people with a particular ailment, a training program you think would be useful to yourself or others, or the work of an individual that simply inspires you.

If OHP fits in your “key players” category, you have found your reason for supporting the website!