Being an Affiliate

New members automatically become affiliates. Log in and click here to apply the success strategy described below.

All you need is a social media account!

Affiliates are usually left to themselves to find out what to do, where, and how, thus often investing a lot of time to secure some result.

To become a successful One Home Planet affiliate, however, you only need to share a social media post about the next guest expert to be interviewed. Once registered, you will access clear, simple instructions (notably on expanding your reach drastically) and a complete dashboard to monitor your progress.

What about the money?

At the end of each month, payouts are made for commissions of at least $12. You must link a PayPal account to your affiliate one on this website to receive your commissions.

The payment rate is 50%. Since the Book Club program costs $12, your 50% commission is $6 per new subscription. This may not sound like much but remember that you regularly forward new posts to many people, resulting in recurring added income.

How does it work?

Here is how the process unfolds:

  1. You add your embedded affiliate link to the post about the guest interview and forward the message;
  2. People register for the interview and start commenting on the relevant book club discussion thread to have their questions/remarks taken into account by the guest;
  3. After the event, each participant is invited to complete a survey, helping them decide whether or not they should be part of the book club program.

How long will it take?

The guest interview is held two to three weeks after people click on your affiliate link; this is consequently the usual length of time new Book Club members will take to register. Some will naturally decide to do so later, which is why the period during which you can be credited for a sale (the “cookie time”) lasts for 60 days.

Keep in mind, as well, that the one month free at the onset of a Book Club membership delays money coming to your PayPal account by that much. This is why the most important point to focus on as an affiliate is not how long it takes to be rewarded once you promote a guest interview but how regularly and largely you do it. Since guest interviews occur weekly, so will the commissions you are entitled to.