Being an Affiliate

All you need is a social media account!

Affiliates are usually left to themselves to find out what to do, where, and how. To become a successful One Home Planet affiliate, however, you need to create a post on social media post about the next guest expert to be interviewed. That’s all. Your account contains clear and simple instructions, including about drastically expanding your reach.

What about the money?

Payouts are made through PayPal at the end of each month once your commissions reach a minimum of $12. Thus, you must link a PayPal account to your affiliate one on this website.

The payment rate is 50%. Since the Study Groups program costs $12, your 50% commission is $6 per new subscription. This may not sound like much but remember that you regularly forward new posts to many people, resulting in recurring added income.

How long will it take?

Here is how the process unfolds:

  1. The post with your embedded affiliate link is seen;
  2. People register on the website for the guest interview;
  3. They then receive the newsletter.

A decision to join the Study Groups program might take up to three weeks. Earning commissions will consequently take 5-6 weeks after you create a social media post for the first time; then, commissions will follow the regularity with which you create new posts.