Affiliate Strategy

Using your affiliate link

Step 1: Copy the guest page’s URL and create your affiliate link in your account dashboard.

Step 2: At the bottom of the guest’s presentation page, click the social media link you are interested in to access the image post prepared for you.

Step 3: Add “Learn More” to embed your affiliate link before sharing. To comply with social media rules about affiliate links, add then the following tag: #Ad.

Reaching out to influencers

Since social media companies do not want visitors to leave their platforms, they tend to reduce the potential reach of posts with an external link. Therefore, it makes sense to use the help of people with a large follower base.

  • When contacting them, say something along this line: Hi [name], An open discussion meeting with [guest’s name] about [Ad post’s title] is coming up. I think your questions would be a great addition. For more info: [link to your post]. Thanks for sharing the post!
  • If this is your first time sending this type of message to the influencer, it is important to add: PS: Please let me know if I can DM you for similar future meetings.
  • It is good practice to wait at least two weeks before messaging the same person again about another guest interview. Consequently, once you have contacted them, add each person’s profile URL to a datasheet list so that 1/ you respect that basic rule, and 2/ you can directly go to your growing list for new contacts.