Referral Program

Be at the origin of three subscriptions to the newsletter and join me on a Zoom call!

How does this work?

The referral program is open to the book club’s newsletter subscribers only.

First, copy and send or post to the person who originally pointed you to One Home Planet the message in italic below. Doing so is crucial for this person to be able to also participate in the referral program!

Thanks for letting me know about One Home Planet. If you already subscribed to the newsletter, your reward as my official referrer is on its way. I personally used this email address: . . .

Then, once other people get back to you in the same way, validate your own referrals here. You may want to bookmark the page for later use.

That’s it. On the Monday following your third referral, you will receive an email on my part with suggestions about when to meet!

Note: If you need to come back later to this Referral Program page, the link is in the website’s footer.

How to be an efficient referrer?

  • Share the Buzz page at least once a month. The social post’s image and message regularly change.
  • Personally refer your closest friends.
  • Provided you found it interesting, systematically share a post you just read. Add something personal so that others can relate.
  • Studies show that people need to see the same message several times before they catch up with it. Consequently, do not hesitate to share the same post more than once.
  • Share newsletters too! Aside from being easier to read than a long post in the course of a busy day, these short but specific texts are powerful reminders to take time to go on the website later on. You can share newsletters on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Good luck!

Philippe Roussel