“Network” is a big word for this website at this moment in time. Things have to get started someday, however, and it is definitely a network that is going to be built.

For who?

First, for all people who are committed activists and progressive thought leaders. In order to increase your online visibility, you are allowed to use your own website link as a signature in the comments you make here, AND you are invited to send me a brief presentation of the type of work you are engaged in. This will be published in OHP newsletter as well as on a “Who’s Who” page on the website (I am not decided on its title yet).

Second, this network is for all of us who look for inspiration and comfort in the vibrancy as well as the variety of what is being built everywhere. We are builders, and there are many more of us than those who choose to simply fear and hate. It’s just that they shout louder.

I haven’t decided to call this website One Home Planet for no reason.