Everything Is Connected

Natural sciences regularly provide new data showing that the world exists as an interconnected system. This lays the ground for a post-capitalist ethic, reflected in the long-ignored wisdom of indigenous people.

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Pathways to a Post-Capitalist World

Pathways to a Post-Capitalist World: Drawing of a man behind a wall hiding a beautiful and sunny landscape.

Organized around exchange-value, not use-value, the capitalist system is actively and intentionally wasteful, steadily worsening a multi-faceted ecological crisis. Is a post-growth, post-capitalist world conceivable?

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Secrets of the Good Life

Should economic growth be equated to social progress and happiness? Picture of three young black and seemingly poor girls smiling.

Can growth be equated to progress? Data show that it is not GDP growth by itself that improves people’s lives but how money is distributed, notably through investing in public infrastructures.

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Will Technology Save Us?

Will technology save us? Drawing of a small eco-friendly car on a background of wind turbines and buildings surrounded by trees.

“We can choose to keep shooting up the curve of exponential growth, bringing us ever closer to irreversible tipping points in ecological collapse, and hope that technology will save us. But if for some reason it doesn’t work, then we’re in trouble.” (Jason Hickel)

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Rise of the Juggernaut

Capitalism: like a giant vampire squid it writhes in a desperate attempt to whip all barriers out of the way and plunge its tentacles into new sources of growth.

“GDP growth is, ultimately, an indicator of the welfare of capitalism. That we have all come to see it as a proxy for the welfare of humans represents an extraordinary ideological coup.” (Jason Hickel)

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Capitalism: A Creation Story

Allegory of Christopher Columbus landing in Cuba as a humankind benefactor

Capitalism is the first expansionist economic system in history. Contrary to its own myth, it did not emerge naturally and is far from being the expression of human freedom.

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Less is More, by Jason Hickel

Jason Hickel: Less is More

The collapse of the biosphere is engineered by an economic model structured to make profits rather than answering human needs. Reversing this model is a necessity that, moreover, is totally achievable.

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