Books are the indispensable path to intellectual knowledge, and even more so when they can be discussed with a regular group of people. Beyond the general interest of a book club, here is what you can more specifically expect with this one.

Topics and purpose

Topics revolve around political, social, environmental, and economic issues. The selection criteria for the books is that they represent a turning point in the way we can structure our understanding in these fields.

The purpose of the book club is to help to build one’s own judgment by being confronted with the usefulness, originality, and argumentative quality of the authors’ ideas. It is also, obviously, to have meaningful and enriching discussions.


The book club will soon require a membership but the first chapter summary of each book will remain accessible for free. This is to allow everyone to evaluate beforehand their interest in participating.

Reading the books themselves is neither an obligation nor a necessity since a summary of each chapter is provided. It is, of course, all the better if the discussion groups lead to a direct exploration of the authors’ work.

You can access all discussions by clicking on an author’s name under the Readings tab in the main menu of the website.


One or two questions follow each chapter’s summary. Once a member, you can access the various discussion threads in any order you want for any book you want.

Beyond your immediate participation in the comment section, you can also be notified by email of others’ comments in the same thread or of replies to your own contributions exclusively. You can even be updated about the comments of one other participant in particular if you wish to.


Keeping the book club an enjoyable place is everyone’s responsibility. If you feel that a member is being offensive in some way, it is indispensable that you use the website’s contact form to let it know.

A member who does not follow ordinary rules of mutual respect and common decency will have her/his comments removed from the discussion thread where it happened and receive a caution message. A second instance of misbehaving will immediately result in a ban from all discussion threads and her/his Book Club membership will be rescinded.