OHP and You

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MLK and zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh in 1966

Before we see how One Home Planet can help your activism and how you can help this website, let’s take a step back. I’d like to give you my own perspective on the need for action.

Many people wish to be engaged one way or another for a better world, but there is so much to do, and on so many fronts, that it can easily seem overwhelming. Contrary to what we are usually accustomed to thinking, however, how much or how little we do is not the most important thing. The quality of our intent is.

Just listen to great pioneers of social and political change such as Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, or Nelson Mandela. Their fight was not simply to fix what was broken around them but to understand why it was broken in the first place, in order to repair it for good. This is the difference between being the righteous one whose moral crusade will very likely end up in frustration and, as Gandhi famously put it, being ourselves the change we want to see in the world.

Action is indispensable, but getting busy doing the right thing will never provide the meaning we seek in our life. And only this meaning will be our legacy to others; without it, the results of our actions will neither reach very far nor last very long. Another real successful activist for peace, the Vietnamese zen monk Thich Nath Han, expressed this with the genius of simplicity: “The way out is in.” His friend MLK never said anything else.

One Home Planet and you

[bctt tweet=”“Two percent of the people think, three percent of the people think they think, and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.” (George Bernard Shaw)” prompt=”tweet it!”]

Dedicated to critical mind building, One Home Planet humbly belongs to the legacy of these great leaders. For those who look for more than an emotional fix in their interaction with the world, it provides the opportunity to cultivate their own thinking.

Not that I stand as the one that knows it all and who could discriminate right of the bat between the truth and the mere semblance of it. Quite the opposite. Each article strives to be a template of the arduous, uncertain, but highly rewarding process through which a genuine personal reflection can take place.

Let’s face it, no one spontaneously likes to do that. Validating each rational step needed to get to the bottom of things is work and, most of all, highly inconveniences our social longing for shared beliefs. George Bernard Shaw is right; the key to freedom comes at a steep price and most people would therefore rather die than think. The choice is ours. Fortunately, it remains so at any time in life.

Sure enough, critical thinking is not activism in the common sense of organizing or demonstrating. But being able to say what it actually is that you say and why you say it is a crucial part of your civic involvement, and certainly the first thing you need as a concerned citizen. OHP, in that sense, might very well be an activist website of choice for you.

How you can help

Without word of mouth from its readers, OHP cannot provide to potentially countless others the service you think it should. Make sure, consequently, to share the website’s content whenever you feel like it.

Your financial support is also needed. It can be motivated by the modest educational work this website is meant to achieve, but also by the larger context of what is sorely missing today: an independent press. Even though One Home Planet is not in the business of broadcasting the news, its purpose is definitely to help you gain some perspective on important public issues. Striving to fulfill this role makes it part of the independent press, in that sense, and what is at stake is crucial. Allow me to explain.

At a time when the vast majority of minds are brainwashed by mainstream propaganda, it is all the more important to find interlocutors genuinely dedicated to a critical approach of the truth. “What propaganda?”, you may ask. The by default propaganda of manufacturing consent, as Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky brilliantly demonstrated in their now classical book, Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media.

Because of the vast money interests at stake between political establishment, corporations, and mainstream media, it is imperative for the latter to instill a state of mental compliance toward the system in place. This is the primary mission cable news as well as of all major newspapers “of reference” in the establishment landscape give themselves. Conformism saves the trouble to speak truth to power and has its perks in terms of social status.

Manufacturing Consent was written before the internet was made available to the public and does not address, therefore, the issue of social media as “news” purveyors for many people. On Facebook and other profit-driven platforms, you are the product. Data points crafting the personal profile of users are collected in myriads of different ways to then be sold as laser pointed information for advertising campaigns. Facebook in particular has specialized in triggering emotional reactions fitting the profile already known of each user to have them stay longer on the platform, thus collecting ever more data points. This is undoubtedly good for Facebook advertising business but disastrous for Democracy, as people end up siloed in the world vision they like best.

Whether with traditional “news” outlets or social media platforms, the delusion is to believe that the world can be read through with no effort on our part. Both intellectually and financially, this is not the way it works. There are, on the other hand, many honest interlocutors out there whose editorial quality is worth committing for. If you consider One Home Planet as one of them, you can offer your support here.