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This website is on a mission: helping people from all walks of life structure their understanding of the main issues faced in the 21st century. This notably takes place in the study groups, where the work of prominent authors is discussed in depth.

The challenge of organizing study groups was two-fold. One was to make sure that money would not be an issue for any participants; the other was that word of mouth would steadily work its magic to expand the audience.

An affiliation program was thus in order.

All members on this website automatically become affiliates. This entails no obligation on your part but if you do become active in the program, the pay rate is 25% per referral (i.e. someone subscribing to a study group who originally came to the website through your affiliate link) and 50% after the second referral in a given month. Active affiliates do not need to be part of a study group.

Since being part of one or several study groups only costs $24 per month, you can hardly expect to become a millionaire through this affiliation program. Rather, your decision to use it will be based on the following: 1/ Contributing to a good cause; 2/ Covering your study group(s) fee; 3/ Following a sure path to success (hint: you do not need to own a website).

You might be surprised at how easy #3 is.