Affiliation Q&A

  1. Being an Affiliate
  2. Affiliate Links
  3. Tools and Support

1. Being an Affiliate

  • What does it mean to be an affiliate?

It means that you can make some money by recommending One Home Planet’s training to others.

You are not obliged to do anything. The reason why you automatically became an affiliate is to avoid having to create dual accounts; one for logging into the website and another as an affiliate. Besides, being an affiliate falls right in line with offering everyone the possibility to subscribe to the training, regardless of one’s financial situation.

  • How does it work?

Affiliate links are links to One Home Planet that contain your unique ID and that you can use anywhere you want. This way, if you refer someone to the website and a subscription to the Book Club training is made, the affiliation program will record that it was through you and you will be rewarded accordingly.

  • What is the referral rate?

25% for the first two referrals of the month, 50% then. This means, for instance, that you can cover your $24 a month training fee with just three referrals ($8 + $8 +$12).

  • How do I get paid?

Payouts are sent at the beginning of each month. According to where you live in the world, expect to receive your money between the 5th and the 12th.

In order for this to work, you first have to give your bank details. Go to Membership / Affiliate Portal in the website’s main menu and click on the down arrow at the top right of your screen. Go then to Settings, click on the “Add payout method” button, and follow the instructions.

  • How do I create an affiliate link?

Click on the Affiliate URLs tab in your Affiliate Portal and enter in the required field the exact page URL from One Home Planet that you want to link to. Your affiliate link is automatically generated. You can personalize the slug (the last part of the generated URL, after “ref/”) in the Affiliate Portal’s Settings page.

  • Where can I use affiliate links?

Everywhere you have an online presence: podcast, Youtube channel, website, emails… You can also use social media platforms and forum comment areas.

  • How do I use affiliate links?

You can sometimes embed the affiliate link in a word or phrase, or in your signature in forums. In other cases, you will have to copy/paste the link as is. Note that the Affiliate Portal allows you to directly share your affiliate link on Twitter, Facebook, and by email.

  • What are the rules for using affiliate links?
  1. Be relevant. Don’t spam or be off-context.
  2. Always bring value to your interventions.
  3. Be honest: say it is an affiliate link.
  • How long do affiliate links last?

Affiliate links themselves last indefinitely. The period of time during which you can be credited for a sale is the “cookie time,” which lasts for 60 days. After that, the person who clicked on your link has to do it again.

3. Tools and Support

  • What promotional tools can I rely on?

If you do not have a website, you can ask for a landing page to be created for you on One Home Planet. You will then be able to promote your original content by sharing this page’s URL instead of your affiliate link. Affiliates can see landing pages assigned to them via the Affiliate URLs tab of the Affiliate Portal.

If you have a website, you can additionally use the Direct Links tab in the Affiliate Portal to link your site to One Home Planet without an affiliate link. You can also use the Creatives at your disposal.

  • Can I trust that I will find help to succeed as an affiliate?

You can. An editorial website, One Home Planet primarily relies on its own readers to grow. Only they can adequately convey their personal experience with the website and attract others this way. Consequently, it makes total sense to support you as much and as long as needed.

  • What do I do if I feel stuck in my efforts to gain referrals?

The first thing to do is to attend the next Affiliate Support Call, where you can benefit from others’ feedback about your difficulties.